Euro citizens should vote to defend what has made Europe prosperous

European Union citizens go to the polls tomorrow to choose a new European Parliament for the next five years. At a time when the freedom of movement and the freedom to do business are at great danger from the populist Right and the Left, it is essential to have a strong liberal, pro-market presence to defend and continue to advance what has made Europe prosperous: the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and people. We believe this task will be best served by casting the ballot for the parties of the liberal center and the liberal center-right. Only these parties are a guarantee against the influence of the populist, statist inclinations of the Left, and the isolationist, extremist forces of the Far Right.

A European Parliament with a strong presence from the liberal ALDE Party and the center-right EPP will fight against the anti-market, anti-globalization tide so common in times of economic uncertainty and xenophobic sentiment. Moreover, they will provide a voice of reason in the midst of fear-mongering and economic populism.   

In the UK, while we dislike some restrictive immigration measures promoted by the Conservatives—mainly to contain the UKIP threat from the Right—, we still believe David Cameron’s party is a voice of reason against extremism. Although they no longer form part of the EPP Party, we consider the Conservatives part of the liberal center-right. At the same time, the Liberal Democrats are a credible voice for centrist liberal values in the ALDE Party. A vote for any of them would be sensible from a pragmatic, classical liberal perspective.

Europe doesn’t need more barriers and walls, it needs more openness and entrepreneurialism. By voting ALDE/EPP, you can guarantee that.