RealLibs endorses Lincoln Chafee for Rhode Island Governor

Rhode Island chooses a new governor on November 2nd. Based on the latest polls, this contest has turned into a two-horse race between Democrat Frank Caprio and Independent Lincoln Chafee. We are proud to announce our support for former U.S. Senator and Independent candidate Lincoln Chafee.

During his years in the Senate, Mr. Chafee demonstrated what being an independent is all about. Probably the last representative of the once powerful (and now non-existent) liberal wing of the Republican Party, Mr. Chafee fought for liberal values such as personal freedom (he was a powerful voice in favor of a woman's right to choose and the only Republican Senator that supported marriage equality), environmental protection (he voted against allowing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), fair taxes and fiscal responsibility (he voted against both the 2001 and 2003 federal tax cut bills that increased the deficit and the national debt) and a common-sense foreign policy that respects human rights (he was the only Republican in the Senate to  vote against authorizing the use of force in Iraq).

But Mr. Chafee’s record is not the only reason why we are endorsing his candidacy. He has put forward an ambitious plan to turn his state around.  On the economy, Mr. Chafee’s plan would help bring the state budget under control and make the corporate tax structure simpler and fairer.  On education, Mr. Chafee is committed to a strong system of public education that provides opportunity to all Rhode Islanders. On the environment, Mr. Chafee plans to re-connect businesses with sustainability and push for the development of renewable energy. Moreover, Mr. Chafee has also said that he would champion marriage equality legislation if elected and supports immigrant-friendly policies.

We believe Lincoln Chafee represents the true essence of liberal Republicanism –a liberal tradition that has been sadly replaced by right-wing populism and demagoguery in his former party. Mr. Chafee is a true independent and a real liberal, and that is why endorses him to be the next Governor of the State of Rhode Island.