Our view on the Spanish general election 

Spaniards will choose a new Parliament tomorrow after months of gridlock resulting in no government. After the decision of a majority of British voters to become the first country to exit the European Union, the worst thing that could happen to Europe and the Western liberal order is another win for anti-globalization forces, this time in Spain. There is no doubt that the hard-left alliance Podemos is an enemy of the values we believe in: individual freedom, free trade, global integration and openness.

A victory for Podemos would be catastrophic, not only for Europe but for the global economy as well. Thus, we urge Spanish voters to choose a stability and common sense over fantasy economics and politics. We believe the best outcome --for Spain and Europe-- would be either a center-right coalition government of the conservative Popular Party and the centrist Ciudadanos or a grand coalition of center-right and the center-left Socialist Party (PSOE).

Our individual vote would go to Ciudadanos, a force for centrist common-sense, globalization and Europeanism. We hope Spaniards choose reality over populism, freedom over extremism and globalism over nationalism.