Our endorsement for the Swedish general election 

Swedes go to the polls tomorrow to choose a new Parliament. After eight years in power, the liberal center-right Alliance (Alliansen) is in danger of being thrown out of power by the Social Democrats and their leftist allies. This would be a regrettable outcome for one of the world's success stories of the last decade.   

Looking at Sweden's record during the last eight years, one could argue --especially from a liberal perspective-- that that is what progress looks like: GDP growth of 12.6%; rise in gross disposable incomes; budget surplus; low public debt; public spending as a percentage of GDP down; 300,000 new private-sector jobs; expansion of choice in public services through increased private provision of education and health care; cut in corporate and property taxes; open immigration policy and open doors to refugees; legalization of equal marriage.

Any government with this record should be re-elected. And yet, there is a very real possibility that Sweden will go back to the high-tax, high-spending ways of Social Democracy. We can only think that people are tired of the government and want change just for the sake of it. But they should think twice before casting their ballot on Sunday. If they want to keep all the economic and social progress obtained during the last eight years, Swedes should re-elect the Alliance and its leader, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. 

If we had a vote on Sunday's election, we would cast it for the most successful liberal government and the most successful liberal Prime Minister in the last decade: Fredrik Reinfeldt's Alliance.