It seems clear by now that Republicans haven't learned anything from their electoral defeats. Instead of reaching out to new segments of the electorate, party leaders and figures are preaching the same old divisive message to please a narrow-minded right-wing minority of extremists. The last example comes from Vermont, where Republican Governor Jim Douglas has said that he will veto a gay marriage bill, already passed by the state Senate, and currently waiting for a vote in the House. One would at least expect a moderate Republican like Douglas from a Democratic state to stand up to the social fundamentalist wing of the party. Unfortunately, not even the few moderates left are willing to defy the power of the far-right wing. While the bill will probably pass the House too, it is not clear if there are enough votes to override a veto by the governor. 
It is time for the GOP to end the politics of division and bigotry that have characterized its electoral strategy during the last decades. Otherwise, their decline will continue during the next years, as younger generations become more tolerant and socially inclusive. By sticking to their scare tactics, Republicans will not only destroy their electoral prospects, but they will also destroy what's left of their moral integrity. supports the efforts to extend essential human rights to everybody, regardles of their sexual orientation. We strongly support the efforts of the Vermont legislature to give gay and lesbian couples and families the same rights that heterosexual couples enjoy. And we call on the governor to reconsider his decision. By doing so, he will not only advance individual freedom to an incredible extent, but he will also save his conscience.