The Good: 

- Pro-European parties (center-right + center-left + liberals) will continue to dominate the EU Parliament 
- Liberals remain the third largest group, holding the balance between Left and Right  
- The center-right has, once again, won more seats than the center-left 
- Liberal plurality of seats in the Netherlands, Estonia, Finland and Lithuania 
- UK Conservatives did better than expected despite the UKIP surge, while Labour did far worse than expected    
The Bad: 

- UK Liberal Democrats lost 10 of their 11 MEPs 
- Germany's liberal FDP went from 12 to 3 MEPs
- The Liberal bloc in the EU Parliament (ALDE) has been reduced from 83 to 64 MEPs
- Voter turnout across the EU was just 43.09%       

The Ugly

- Populist, anti-immigrant parties from Right and Left increased their seats 
- Anti-immigrant, euroskeptic UKIP came in first in the UK with 27% 
- Xenophobic, far-right Front National came in first in France with 25% 
- The populist Far-Left won in Greece with 27% 
- Anti-immigrant Danish People's Party came in first in Denmark with 27%