Today, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage passed a decade ago by the state legislature violates the notion of equal protection under the law and, therefore, is unconstitutional. With this decision, Iowa becomes the third state in the nation (after Massachusetts and Connecticut), but, most importantly, the first mid-western state to legalize same-sex civil marriages. This is a very important victory for gay rights activists in a not necessarily liberal state. congratulates the Supreme Court of the state of Iowa for extending basic civil and human rights to all citizens. Individual freedom and equality under the law should never be subject to the tyranny of the majority. That is the role of the Judicial branch -to protect the rights of all citizens to live in a free and fair society, where laws apply to all in the same way. It is also a fundamental classical liberal principle, in accordance with the founding fathers of political and social Liberalism, John Locke and John Stuart Mill, respectively.