RealLibs endorses Andrew Cuomo for New York Governor

New Yorkers choose a new Governor on November 2nd and the choice could not be clearer. This race is between an experienced, inclusive and pro-business Democrat like Andrew Cuomo and a divisive Republican figure like Carl Paladino. While Mr. Paladino offers extremist right-wing rhetoric with no real substance, Mr. Cuomo has put forward a sensible plan to balance the state budget (putting the main focus on cutting wasteful spending and unnecessary bureaucracy), boost economic growth and promote equal rights for all New Yorkers.

Mr. Paladino’s divisive strategy will (fortunately) not succeed in New York. New Yorkers want solutions, not demagoguery. New Yorkers want inclusive leadership, not a candidate that is happy to stigmatize an entire segment of the population in order to get a few more votes. New Yorkers will choose a Governor, not a (fake) moralizer. Apparently, Mr. Paladino has not realized that yet.  

We are proud to endorse Andrew Cuomo for Governor of the State of New York. In the meantime, we urge Mr. Paladino to check his calendar. He may have forgotten what century he’s in.   

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