In a shocking move, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) announced on Tuesday his decision to switch parties and become a Democrat. Specter said he found himself "increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy." One of the last moderate Republicans left in the Senate and in the Northeast, Senator Specter affirmed he was not willing to let the Republican primary electorate --which, after a massive diaspora of moderates to the Democratic Party, has become a minority of right-wing conservatives-- decide over his 29-year record in Congress. We couldn't agree more. 
While does not support any US political party, we believe Senator Specter's decision is the right thing to do. Like the Senator, we also believe that the Republican primary electorate does not deserve to finish a long career of service to this country --which would have been the case had Specter decided to run as a Republican again. Throughout his Congressional career, Arlen Specter has shown the kind of independence, integrity and honesty that should define any member of Congress. Moreover, he has worked tirelessly to pass common sense legislation and to limit the power of the Executive branch. His service is needed more than ever, and the diverse Democratic primary electorate will understand this more than the increasingly right-wing Republican base. 
We, therefore, congratulate Senator Specter for abandonig a party that puts zealotry over pragmatism. We hope Republicans get the message this time, but, looking at the reactions to Specter's decision, we doubt it.