Vivienne Walt has an article on Time.com about the uncertain future of NATO, the Euro-American defense alliance born 60 years ago to prevent Soviet expansionism into Europe. Walt argues that the organization's purpose is cloudy and uncertain. You can read the article @ time.com

 realLibs | OPINION   While it is true that the threat for which NATO was born no longer exists, we believe NATO can continue playing an important role in keeping peace and stopping violations to essential human rights worldwide, as it did in the Balkans during the 1990s. Moreover, the current threat of terrorism can only be stopped with the cooperation of all the current members of NATO.  The fact that Soviet communism is no longer a threat does not mean the world is free from illiberal and fundamentalist ideologies trying to violate the most fundamental individual and human rights. We support NATO and encourage the member states to focus their attention on historical liberal causes: the protection of human rights, the promotion of liberal democracy (by diplomatic means), and the expansion of liberty and justice.  
In order to advance this causes -important to all NATO member states-, we need a strong NATO. We need it more than ever.