RealLibs endorses Alex Sink for Florida Governor

As America’s fourth largest state –and one of the most important points of entrance to the U.S.–, Florida matters to the world. During the last years, Republican-turned-independent Governor Charlie Crist has adopted a pragmatic agenda focusing on solving Florida’s problems instead of pushing for divisive and ideology-driven policies his former party is so used to pursue.

Florida is a microcosm of America: Diverse, multicultural, and big. Florida needs a governor that will listen to all Floridians, putting policy ahead of partisan politics. In this race for governor, only Alex Sink, the Democratic candidate, has demonstrated that ability. Ms. Sink has adopted a solutions-oriented message, putting ideology aside and stressing the issues that really matter to most Floridians: economic recovery and job creation. Ms. Sink knows that, in order to put the economy back on track, the state needs to promote innovation, boost enterprise and reduce unnecessary red tape. Moreover, Ms. Sink’s business background has provided her with the skills necessary to govern Florida at a time when difficult decisions will have to be made.

We believe Alex Sink will continue with the legacy of pragmatism and centrism of Governor Crist. She is the right person for the job and we are proud to endorse her candidacy for Governor of the State of Florida.  

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