Our endorsement for the Israeli general election 
 Even when a Netanyahu victory and what’s worst, a possible far-right coalition with Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party, seems all but guaranteed, we feel the need to encourage Israeli voters to reject the extremism and war-mongering that such a government would espouse. The future of Israel’s prosperous democracy is at stake and the viability of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in danger. Moreover, Mr. Netanyahu has proved to be ill-equipped to handle the crisis with Iran, and appears to lack a plan other than a military offensive.

But the fact that Mr. Netanyahu seems on route to victory tomorrow can be attributed to the irresponsibility of the centrist parties. They failed to provide a viable alternative to the Israeli electorate. Instead of leaving their differences aside, Labour, Kadima, HaTnuah and other centrist parties failed to reach an agreement to fight the election campaign together against the extremism of Netanyahu’s and Bennett’s agenda. Their inability to work together puts Israel’s and the region’s future at risk.

If we had a vote, we would give it to Tzipi Livni’s HaTnuah party. Ms. Livni was the only opposition figure who tried to unite the centrist parties in a coalition to defeat Netanyahu and the far right. The other centrist leaders rejected her idea. She should be supported by those Israelis who believe in liberty and peace.

We hope Israel continues to be a beacon of democracy and freedom in the Middle East and rejects the extremist agenda offered by Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett.